After the Storm

Would you look what the cat dragged in…I’m back. A lot has been happening over the past few days since Kaylee released Storm, and I’m here to catch you up to date on those happenings. Kaylee always knew that releasing Storm was going to open up doors, but what appears to be happening may be … More After the Storm

Patience and Shit

It may not seem like everything is going to plan for me right now, but it actually is. Now is a time where I’m taking everything that I’ve learned over the past year, and implementing it into my life. First and foremost, it is understanding how to wield the ever-elusive virtue of patience. It’s something … More Patience and Shit


Does anyone remember what Secondhand Famous meant when I first started this? Things have been a little quiet on the Kaylee front, I’ll admit to that. But, my friends, there is some activity on the Doppler 4 radar. John Milan is on your T.V alerting you that there are some weather patterns indicating a storm … More Storm